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HQ Company Address (City, Country)
1004 Copeland Oaks Dr,
Morrisville NC 27560

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1004 Copeland Oaks Dr, Morrisville NC 27560

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Company introduction
Who we are and what we do: 
Founded in 2003, Device Solutions specializes in embedded hardware and software development services. Leveraging decades of product development experience and a broad network of partners, we provide a full suite of design service from inception to factory launch. Device Solutions can provide turnkey services or complement your team to ‘fill the gaps,’ increasing your expertise and decreasing your time to market.

What makes us unique:
We partner with our clients to understand their challenges and to identify efficient and innovative solutions. We have delivered products in a wide range of markets, including consumer products, industrial, and medical devices. Device Solutions works with each customer to adapt our processes and deliverables to meet their needs, regardless of size or scale.

Working with Nordic Semiconductor:
Device Solutions has been working with Nordic since 2008. We have designed BLE capable products based on several generations of Nordic solutions. We have found Nordic products, documents, and support to be consistently best in class.

Which projects we focus on:
We start each project with a Feasibility Study to define the core requirements, particularly size, cost, battery life and schedule, and document our proposed solutions- ensuring there is a clear plan before development begins. Device Solutions does not manufacture products but we work closely with our clients to select a manufacturer and transition to volume production. We have decades of RF experience with many different radio solutions including cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and LoRa.

We focus on understanding the customer’s needs and adapting supplement their capabilities. Our customers range from entrepreneurs with an idea to Fortune 50 companies.

Design services
Device Solutions specializes exclusively on embedded software and hardware development services, often with a Nordic processor and radio at the heart. As a services business, the products and intellectual property belong to our clients and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and avoid surprises.

We are a:
☒ Consultant / Consultancy firm
☒ Design House
☐ Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
☐ Solution Provider
☐ other:

We offer the following core design services in combination with Nordic products:
☒Hardware and RF design
☒Embedded software development
☒Advanced RF and antenna design
☐Security design and implementation

We also offer the following services:
☐ Rapid Prototyping
☒ Pre-production testing and validation
☐ Pilot production
☐ Transfer to production
☐ Turn-key contract manufacturing
☐ Product Cycle Management
☐ Industrial design (enclosure/casing)
☒ Device to Cloud integration
☐ Cloud backend development
☐ Cloud frontend development
☐ Other:

We have experience with the following technologies on Nordic products: 
Bluetooth LE,  ANT

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Device Solutions believes in working towards the UN SDGs, particularly in those areas aligned with our expertise, particularly Alternate Energy, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Gender Equality. Currently we are partnering with Energicity to provide technical assistance with the design of new power meters for use in solar microgrids installed in remote villages.

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