Nordic Partner: Dojo Five
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HQ Company Address (City, Country)
266 E. 7th St. Suite #200
St. Paul, MN 55101

Design locations
St. Paul, MN, USA

Serviced Countries / regions
North America, Europe

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Company introduction
Who we are and what we do: 
Dojo Five provides firmware development services paired with the embedded-first automation, deployment, and monitoring platform you wish you could build if you had the time. We give you superpowers to accelerate your development, and effortlessly iterate your way towards successful projects and delighted customers. We are embedded experts out to modernize the firmware lifecycle. We're a product and services company based in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We provide:

  • Embedded Software Development: Development across numerous popular technologies, applications, and industries.
  • Embedded Systems Architectural Design: Creating product and feature architecture that harmonizes the entire system, product roadmap, user experience, and business milestones and constraints.
  • Additional Services: Schematics, layout, PCB design, penetration testing, security consulting, etc.

Dojo Five also offers EmbedOps: DevOps for Embedded.

EmbedOps® is the world’s first DevOps solution designed by embedded developers, for embedded developers. It enables embedded teams to benefit from modern DevOps practices and tools to automate build and test pipelines, and ensures environment consistency across your team.

What makes us unique:
Dojo Five has a unique culture, understands the important of work/life balance, and places great importance on our company values. Our vision: Modernizing embedded software development. We’ve modernized over 100 projects and plan to modernize 10,000 over the next decade through our services, products, and contributions to the embedded software community as a whole, and will strive to become “The” place of the way for modernizing embedded systems development.

Working with Nordic Semiconductor:
We have had great experiences working with Nordic hardware to help our customers create top of the line products. We have also had fantastic support from Nordic when needed. We value our partnership with Nordic and hope to continue to help each other grow as a company.

Which projects we focus on:
Dojo Five attempts to stay away from a particular vertical and instead develops on a horizontal plane. We develop for a variety of industries: medical, industrial, consumer, etc. We develop on both small and large projects, we do slow and fast delivery (pending client’s needs), quality over cost, flexible but also structured, specialist (embedded) and generalist.

Design services
Dojo Five relies on 100+ collective years of embedded system and software design experience to ensure you deliver the right firmware, every time. We build your competency through a dedicated team of veteran embedded engineers who are focused on your success.

We develop on all technologies, but we specialize in Nordic, ST (STM32), and Particle. These technologies are used in a wide variety of applications. We have developed for:

  • Industrial and Home Robotics
  • Precision Agricultural Technology
  • Class II and III Medical Devices, including implantables
  • Battery-powered wearables and asset tracking
  • Security systems and access control systems
  • High-volume consumer products, including two CES-launched devices
Product: Our EmbedOps product will help you onboard team members faster with standard build environments, reduce the amount of time spent chasing down problems due to inconsistencies in build environments, and modernize your development lifecycle with automated build and test pipelines.

Three steps to modern embedded success with EmbedOps:
  1.  Configure - Our team helps you assemble your build and test pipelines and get all of your tools into a standard, centrally managed environment using Docker.
  2. Automate - We’ll get your production build pipelines fully automated with best-in-class CI tools such as Bitbucket, GitHub Actions, and Gitlab.
  3. Build - Build your project without having to sweat the differences between build environments, and get the advantages that modern, automated CI pipelines offer without being locked into a specific vendor or tool.

We also have performed culture and process improvement consulting for multiple firmware-enabled companies, including companies who are moving from no in-house firmware competency to relying on firmware to deliver value to their customers.

We are a:
☒ Consultant / Consultancy firm
☒ Design House
☐ Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
☒ Solution Provider
☐ other:

We offer the following core design services in combination with Nordic products:

☒Hardware and RF design
☒Embedded software development
☒Advanced RF and antenna design
☒Security design and implementation

We also offer the following services:
☐ Rapid Prototyping
☒ Pre-production testing and validation
☐ Pilot production
☐ Transfer to production
☐ Turn-key contract manufacturing
☐ Product Cycle Management
☐ Industrial design (enclosure/casing)
☐ Device to Cloud integration
☐ Cloud backend development
☐ Cloud frontend development
☐ Other:

We have experience with the following technologies on Nordic products: 
Bluetooth LE,  LTE-M


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