Nordic Partner: Jaycon Systems LLC


HQ Company Address (City, Country)
6203 Chancellor Dr Suite 3450
Orlando, FL 32809

Design locations
Central Florida

Serviced Countries / regions

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Company introduction
Who we are and what we do: 
Jaycon is a product design, prototyping and manufacturing company with the mission of bringing high-tech hardware ideas from concept to life in as little time as possible. We help startups, engineers, entrepreneurs, sourcing managers, and operations directors by offloading critical logistics tasks related to product development.

What makes us unique:
Jaycon can help you design and manufacture your wireless product all under one roof. We have manufacturing facilities in Central Florida as well as China/Vietnam to help take you from a prototype to millions of units. 

Working with Nordic Semiconductor:
We have been working on products utilizing Nordic Semi products for over 10 years and have a team that is well versed in all that Nordic has to offer.  

Which projects we focus on:
Jaycon focuses on larger, high-quality products while being cost conscious. Our global reach will help you get your products in your customers hands faster. We handle the design, supply chain, and manufacturing so you can focus on what matters most to your business.  

Wireless Hubs/Gateways
IOT Devices 
Smart Cards/Readers
Wireless Sensors

Design services
Jaycon has extensive experience working with all of Nordic Wireless products. From BLE to LTE-M, we have used them all in some form or another. We have been working with the original NRF51 and have the ability to design, prototype, and manufacture all of the different lines Nordic Semi provides. We have in house engineers who can design the schematic, board layout, and full industrial/CAD design for your product. Our teams work together to make sure the electronics and case all fit together. We also have inhouse embedded software engineers who can help get your software developed and ready for the market. 

We are a:
☐ Consultant / Consultancy firm
☒ Design House
☒ Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) 
☐ Solution Provider 
☐ other:

We offer the following core design services in combination with Nordic products:

☒Hardware and RF design
☒Embedded software development
☐Advanced RF and antenna design
☒Security design and implementation

We also offer the following services:
☒ Rapid Prototyping
☒ Pre-production testing and validation
☒ Pilot production
☐ Transfer to production    
☒ Turn-key contract manufacturing    
☒ Product Cycle Management 
☒ Industrial design (enclosure/casing)
☐ Phone application development
☐ Device to Cloud integration 
☐ Cloud backend development
☐ Cloud frontend development
☐ Other:

We have experience with the following technologies on Nordic products: 
Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding, LTE-M

We have experience with integration of 3rd party software and protocols in combination with Nordic solutions:
Zephyr RTOS


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