Nordic Partner: Meshtech AS
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Holthesvei 2,
4848 Arendal,

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Company introduction:
We’re experts in developing the things used in the Internet of Things so you don’t have to be
Meshtech enables smarter decision making
We only use Nordic chipsets as the core of all the products we work on.
We are in the B2B marked making IoT solutions that enable others to get the data they need.
Currently major part of our business is within welfare and asset tracking, with branches off into other segments also. We are a medium sized company with a lot of flexibility to make sure the customer receives what he needs. We do projects normally where there is a scalability or it’s a fit into our current market positions to add value to our existing running busyness.

Design services

We are a:
☒ Consultant / Consultancy firm;
☒ Design House;

We offer the following core design services:
☒ Hardware and RF design
☒ Embedded software development
☒ Advanced RF and antenna design
☒ Security design and implementation.

We also offer the following services:
☒ Full product prototyping
☒ Industrial design & prototyping
☒ Pre-production testing and validation
☒ Pilot production
☒ Transfer to production
☒ Phone application development
☒ Cloud backend integration
☒ Cloud backend development
☒ Cloud frontend development

We have experience with the following technologies on Nordic products: 
Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding, Bluetooth Mesh

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