Nordic Partner: NEUVATEK


HQ Company Address (City, Country)
6000 Shepherd Mountain Cove, Unit #810,
Austin, Texas,78730

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Serviced Countries / regions
United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Nigeria

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Company introduction:
NEUVATEK is a technology innovation firm based in Austin – Texas, developing tomorrow's innovations to address present needs.
Team Neuvatek’s core expertise spans concept definition, product design, micro-electronics and embedded firmware development as well as human-machine interface.

Driven by our passion for technology and our motivation to make a difference furthering collective well-being forward, innovation in technology has been our ultimate mission over the years. We always strive to integrate the latest technologies to improve solutions to every day’s needs and requirements.
Team NEUVATEK is committed to provide unique designs and daring innovations in a user-friendly context to improve your quality-of-life.

NEUVATEK developed a decent number of innovative products based on NORDIC technology, in several disciplines. NEVATEK Team is proud of this partnership and was quite satisfied with the products outcome in terms of quality, innovation, ruggedness and price competitiveness. Nordic overall value is unequaled.
Our main focus spans IoT-enabled systems ranging from small projects such as pharmaceutical adherence monitoring solutions, to complex locks for the transportation and shipping business, onto complex simulation platforms based on coordinated 4-axes motion control with force feedback.

With the right support from NORDIC team, NEUVATEK was able to provide fast delivery through the different product lifecycle phases while maintaining a cost-effective solution for our clients with high quality products needed to fulfill the rugged design in several industrial products.

Our team is structured to address multi-discipline solutions in various specialties with the entire product development competence hosted under the same umbrella. However, our team is also flexible enough to accommodate any change of scope or timelines, to insure high quality yet fast delivery.

Our main verticals are consumer electronics including Sports wearables, medical devices and pharmaceutical solutions, health and wellbeing systems, asset tracking and transportation and heavy-duty industrial systems including unmanned systems and autonomous vehicles.


Design services
NEUVATEK offers product development services starting with conceptual designs, research and development, industrial design, mechanical design, electronic design, embedded programming, advanced UI/UX design, modeling and simulation (electronic, heat, mechanical, flow…), artificial intelligence as well intellectual property process support. Neuvatek also has FDA process preparation capability

NEUVATEK supports its clients in the mass production through partnerships with several contract manufacturers in Asia (China/HK, Malaysia) and the US. We support our clients with the certification, programming and testing.

We are a:
☒ Consultant / Consultancy firm
☒ Design House
☐ Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
☒ Solution Provider

We offer the following core design services:
☒ Hardware and RF design
☒ Embedded software development
☒ Advanced RF and antenna design
☒ Security design and implementation.

We also offer the following services:
☒ Rapid Prototyping
☒ Pre-production testing and validation
☒ Pilot production
☒ Transfer to production
☒ Turn-key contract manufacturing
☒ Product Cycle Management
☒ Industrial design (enclosure/casing)
☒ Phone application development
☒ Device to Cloud integration
☐ Cloud backend development
☒ Cloud frontend development

We have experience with the following technologies on Nordic products: 
Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, LTE-M, NB-IoT, Proprietary

We have experience with integration of 3rd party software and protocols in combination with Nordic solutions:
Dedicated security algorithms for smart locks, pharmaceutical solutions, medical solutions and more.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:
Our main sustainable goals that we are committed to is to innovate and conceive new products that participate in the sustainable development such as energy efficiency control system for the heavy consuming industrial sector, smart home towards clean energy as well as offering unique solution for health care and wellbeing including water and environmental monitoring solutions as well as rapid disease screening and detection.
This was accomplished through series of products such as portable labs, smoking reduction systems, COVID online tester, medicines adherence monitoring and management, baby vital signs monitoring as well female reproduction health monitoring and control. Neuvatek is actively developing cost-effective yet advanced VOC/Gas detection solutions for environmental and work hazard monitoring and has partnership engaged in the development of advanced renewable power management solutions.

NEUVATEK is committed to continue in this path and to create the new technology of tomorrow’s today for the benefit of all humans without discrimination on gender, race/ethnicity, religious affiliations or age .

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